Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce
1. Name
The name of the group is “The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce”
2. Aims
The aims of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce are:
1. To support and encourage use of Well Hall Pleasaunce consistent with it being a place for quiet enjoyment and relaxation
2. To work for the conservation and maintenance of Well Hall Pleasaunce in partnership with Greenwich Council Parks and Open Spaces
3. To provide a focus and support for local residents, and others, who wish to contribute to the positive management and environment of Well Hall Pleasaunce
4. To support the work of the council in developing its annual events and activities relevant to Well Hall Pleasaunce
5. To raise awareness of this unique heritage site and to work to enhance the amenities, wildlife and environment of Well Hall Pleasaunce
6. To build links with local residents, schools and businesses to foster local awareness and involvement in the well-being of Well Hall Pleasaunce
7. To disseminate information regularly to Friends, the wider local community and the press by the most appropriate means
8. To affiliate to any body whose objectives may be of benefit to the membership
9. To raise funds via grants and fundraising to support Well Hall Pleasaunce
10. To promote harmony within the community and to actively work against all forms of discrimination within it so that no one is disadvantaged by reason of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, class, income, employment status or religious belief.
3. Membership
• Membership shall be open to any individual, company or organisation interested in supporting the work of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce.
• Those who have paid the required subscription in full shall be deemed to be members.
• Each member shall have one vote; each company or organisation shall have one voting representative.
• Each member shall on request be given a copy of the Constitution.
• Subscription fees for membership of the Friends will be reviewed annually.
4. Management
• The business of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce shall be managed by the Committee, elected from within the membership. As far as possible the Committee should represent the users of Well Hall Pleasaunce and the population make-up of the area.
• The Committee shall consist of a minimum of six members and a maximum of ten who shall be elected at a General Meeting of the Friends.
• The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and other officers as necessary shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and at each subsequent Annual General Meeting.
• The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt any member to fill any vacancy occurring in their number between Annual General Meetings.
• No two persons from the same household shall be elected officers of the Committee, nor any two persons from the same household act as signatories.
• Committee members will be assumed to have resigned if they miss three consecutive committee meetings without offering apologies for absence. This may be waived at the discretion of the Committee, who are charged with making sure that the member is informed of the situation before a decision is made. Members will be informed of decisions in writing.
• The Chair or a delegated person shall attend the Management Group of the Pleasaunce and have voting rights. The Officers and all members of the Committee shall have a duty to further the aims and objectives of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce, including the promotion of a multi-racial society and opposing all forms of discrimination.
• THE CHAIR shall conduct the meetings of the Committee, and shall normally conduct the business of all General Meetings.
• THE TREASURER shall open and maintain an account in the name of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce, keeping proper accounts of income and expenditure, and reporting on them as required by the Committee or General Meeting.
• THE SECRETARY shall be responsible for the convening of all meetings and the proper giving of notice to all members. S/he shall ensure that a proper record, in the form of minutes, is kept of all meetings of the Friends, its Committee and any sub-committees, and all General Meetings, and shall make these available as required by the Committee or General Meeting.
• Any member or officer delegated to represent the Friends with any other Body shall act on the instructions of the Committee and shall report back to the Committee or General Meeting. Only nominated representatives of the Committee shall be delegated to consult with the local authority or other agencies on its behalf.
• Members of the Management Committee shall make no financial gain from their position. However reasonable out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed to members of the Friends, including of the Committee, for their work or duties undertaken on behalf of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce.
5. Meetings
Committee Meetings
The Committee shall meet not less than 4 times a year.
Annual General Meetings
The Committee shall call an Annual General Meeting of the members each year. Not less than 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members. The Annual General Meeting should receive a report on the preceding year’s work.
Special General Meetings
• The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at the request of a majority of the Committee, giving reasons for their request.
• The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at the request of 10 or more paid up Members, giving reasons for their request.
• The Secretary shall give not less than 21 days notice of the holding of a Special General Meeting, which shall take place within 28 days of the receipt of the request.
6. Quorum
The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be one third of its elected membership or three members, whichever is the greater. The quorum for all General Meetings shall be one third of the membership.
7. Finance
• All monies raised by and on behalf of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce shall be applied to further the aims of the Friends and for no other purpose.
• .All cheques/withdrawals in the name of or from the account of The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce shall be signed by two of three signatories nominated by the Committee. One of these should be the Treasurer. No two members of the same household may be signatories.
• The accounts shall be audited once a year by a qualified accountant or a non-member of the Committee.
8. Conduct
It is a condition of membership that members shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. Failure to observe this condition, or for any other conduct not in line with the aims of the Friends, may result in a member of the Committee or a general member being suspended from the Friends by a vote at a Committee Meeting. Language or behaviour that is in any way discriminatory on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, disability or ethnic or racial origin will not be tolerated and will constitute grounds for suspension. Any member suspended has the right of appeal to the following Committee meeting.
9. Amendments to the Constitution
The constitution may only be changed at the AGM or a Special General Meeting, which may be called as described in section 5 above. The notice of the meeting, together with the wording of the proposed amendment(s) will be circulated by the Secretary not less than 21 days before the meeting. Any amendment shall require the approval of two-thirds of those present and voting at the meeting.
10. Dissolution
If the Committee shall decide that The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce should be dissolved, they shall give at least 21 days notice to those eligible for membership of a public meeting at which the matter shall be discussed. For the sole purpose of dissolution a quorum need not apply, and the Friends may be dissolved by a simple majority of those present. The assets, financial and otherwise, remaining when The Friends of Well Hall Pleasaunce has satisfied its liabilities, shall be applied for such purposes of benefit to the community as the meeting shall decide.
This Constitution was adopted at a Public Meeting held at

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