Committee Meeting 29.10.07

Date: 2nd December 2007


In attendance: Sue King (chairman), John Webb, (secretary), Laurie Baker (treasurer), Jason Green, Viv Stevens, Paul Higgs Diane Broughton, Phyllis Duignan and Jane Webb

1. Apologies. John and Marion Kennett

2. Minutes/Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere);

a) The Friends had been notified that the council had been asked to assign the licence of the Tudor Barn and references had been supplied. John had written back on a variety of issues, including various maintenance issues and concerns.
b) The outdoor cleaner had left and the Barn were looking for a new one. Concerns had been expressed to the council about slowness on occasions to make the park safe as quickly as possible in the mornings with regard to broken glass.
c) The Friends had been told that the Greenwich Pride scheme was open again and the application for £1,000 for the Barefoot memorial would now be considered. It was hoped this would pay for re-lettering and a new sundial. £50 had been received from the Barefoot family.
d) The Green Chain festival had been success, the joint walks with the E Nesbit Society attracting large attendances. Sue and John had done Sunday walks with Marion.

3. Minutes of the AGM were agreed as well as minutes from the last meeting on 30 June.

4. Finance report. Laurie reported there was £9,300 in the bank and £10.10 in cash. There were various bills outstanding and much of the money was allocated to the on-going grant work.

5. Management meeting. John reported that the issue of signposting on roads had been raised but there had been no progress. This was disappointing. There had been discussions about the Christmas event.

6. Breathing Spaces update. John reported that:

- Outside In had made 12 bird boxes to be put in place over the winter;
- The planting day with BTCV had resulted in more than 2,500 bulbs being planted;
- Enviroworks had been contracted to create the woodland walk and help plant the 1,600 whips
- Gordon, Henwick and Eltham Hill Schools were scheduled to help plant more bulbs and wildflowers through November;
- A further whip and wildflower planting day for the Friends was suggested for February.
- An interpretation board would be installed in due course;
- Money would be left over for significant planting in the wildlife pond.
- Park proposed to buy 10 Scots Pine trees for the western end of the site.

It was noted that a good working relationship had been established with Parks in implementing the grant money and publicity would be sought.

7. Events:

a) The Christmas event was shaping up well. It had been decided to try the carols inside this year with a small band at 7 – 7.30pm, thus avoiding the large gap in proceedings which had been a problem last year. The Friends had suggested the Christmas tree be put in the Shield Garden for public display and 6 – 7pm would be for decoration making/placing. Outside In were keen to participate in this.
b) It was proposed to do another Big Garden Birdwatch this year on January 26.
c) The Greenwich Community College wanted to have their annual exhibition of work at the Tudor Barn in March and also have various anciliary events over the weekend.
d) A further Garden Day was proposed for May and Jo Woodcock had indicated his willingness to attend.
e) There had been discussions between Bob Hope Theatre and Parks about holding a major event next summer.

It was proposed to form an events sub-group and Viv, Diane, Jane, Jason and John volunteered to be members. It would meet for the first time in mid-November.

8. Future projects

a) There was a comprehensive discussion about the merits of having a playground in the Pleasaunce and applying for lottery funding for this. There was a strong consensus in favour of this and that it should be aimed at a ‘young children’ audience. The aim would be to create a valuable community facility, to benefit the Pleasaunce by bringing more people in. Siting a playground in the Pleasaunce would benefit from the current level of security and keepering. Sue would report this outcome to the management committee.

b) Preliminary thoughts were being given to an application for funds from a new national award scheme, Changing Spaces. Discussions had been held with the BTCV, who were one of the national sponsors of the scheme about the possibility of making a ‘living stream’ feature of the gully in the woodland area which might also involve constructing a replacement bridge and a ramp from the Moat Island. These would need discussion with Parks after the current grant scheme had been actioned.

9. AOB.

a) Some of the current bridges were unsafe in wet weather. Sue would raise this at the forthcoming management meeting.
b) A lack of railings in the south east corner of Moat Island was unsafe for children. Sue would also raise this at the next management meeting.

10 Next meeting Monday January 7 at 7.30pm, Progress Hall.

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