Committee meeting 30.10.06

Date: 23rd November 2006

Friends of the Well Hall Pleasaunce

Meeting 30h October 2006

Attendees: Sue King (chair). John Webb (secretary), Laurie Baker (treasurer), Sophie Walker, Marion Kennett, John Kennett, Bernadette Vizena, Diane Broughton, Paula Evennett, Jane Webb and Jonathan Bangs (ex-officio), David Sleep (Eltham Society), Progress Residents Association and the Pleasaunce Bowls groups

General Meeting

1. Sue welcomed the members to the general meeting and second meeting of the committee.

2. No apologies were received.

3. Constitution

The draft constitution was ratified and signed by Sue.
Sue reported on the progression of several issues since the last meeting:

4. Report on activity

Sue and John W had met informally with Pleasaunce gardening staff, during which several issues had been discussed, including:

- The duckweed problem
- The need for non-slip protection for bridges
- Dead shrubs
- ‘Weathering’ of planters
- Newly-planted willow hedge
- The possibility of a wildflower garden

There was a question about how issues such as these were taken forward and resolved in partnership between the Friends and the Parks department; no mechanism existed currently and a meeting had been sought to clarify this with Parks officials, both the specifics and the general point. A meeting was being arranged with Lee Beasley of Parks and Open Spaces.

The issue of litter and debris from the pub was being progressed, in particular the remains left the next day from the previous night’s drinking sessions.

5. Communications

John W reported:

- That the calendar was selling well in local outlets and in conjunction with the Eltham Society; he sought volunteers to attend local Christmas fairs with the aim of both selling calendars, promoting the work of the group and recruiting active members.
- That the website would soon be ‘going live’ and the intention was for there to be a regular emailed update to members; also something regularly in hard copy form for members;
- We would be seeking publicity for the group in local papers.
- John W asked for help in staffing stalls at local events.

6. Membership update:

The committee had agreed at its last meeting that membership would be by voluntary subscription, with a suggested £2 annual fee and attendees were invited to sign up.

7. Barefoot memorial.

The council had approached the Friends group to help in considering the refurbishment of the memorial and sundial. It was agreed this was a good idea. In discussion, it was decided that, as a first step, the memorial stone should be renovated; there were practical difficulties in doing so particularly with the sun dial because of its proximity to the pub premises. Various coping stones also needed replacing. It was decided that a way of progressing this would be to approach the Co-op funeral (?) service who might be persuaded to fund the work. This would be progressed in conjunction with Jonathan Bangs. The idea of a sub-group was discussed to progress this work.

8. AOB


Alan Harvey, speaking on behalf of the four Bowls Groups using the Pleasaunce facilities, described various issues they had; it was agreed that the Friends and the Bowls Groups had much in common and the Friends very much welcomed the part the Bowls Groups played in the overall Pleasaunce ‘scene’. It was decided the Bowls Group should nominate a member to join the committee as a co-optee. It was agreed to supply Alan Harvey with Friends application forms for their meeting on 10th November


Of particular concern was the laying of a willow hedge rather than a mixed hedge, which would attract more wildlife. It was thought that the latter was set out in the Management Plan for the Pleasaunce. The issue would be followed up at the meeting with Lee Beasley.

Committee Meeting

1. Minutes.

The Tudor Barn was willing to host future meetings free of charge in its upper room; it was agreed this offer should be taken up.

2. Finance

Laurie is exploring the opening of an account with the Nationwide.

3. December event.

Jonathan said the planning for the event was progressing well; it would comprise carol singing accompanied by the Greenwich Youth Band, tree dressing and glow sticks for the children, starting at 6pm on Moat Island. The event from 7.30 would feature folk singers, Ladies Morris dancing, Eltham Choral; one further feature was needed. The event will be advertised on Council website, Greenwich Time, the local press and on posters. The Mayor is booked for 6 pm.

Other events: John W said he hoped the RSPB would help with a bird watch in January. During a discussion about future events, the following were put forward: plant sale/horticultural events/gardeners question time/flower arranging; antiques fair; art shows.

4. AOB

Ideas were discussed such as re-opening the putting green, signage for park features and seed dispensers for feeding the ducks. The Friends should also have a logo.

5. The date of the next meeting

Monday 27 November at 7.30pm in the Tudor Barn upstairs room.

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