The mallard is the Pleasaunce's most numerous duck, the make in spendid vivid colours of greens, blues and browns and the females the mottled grey/brown.


They look at their best in the late summer and winter, having gained a new crop of feathers during their 'eclipse' phase in the summer. It has a long body and a long and broad yellow bill on the male and orange on the female. It breeds in all parts of the UK in summer and winter, wherever there are suitable wetland habitats, although it is scarcer in upland areas.

Mallards in the UK may be resident breeders or migrants – many of the birds that breed in Iceland and northern Europe spend the winter here. The Mallards in the Pleasaunce breed in the Moat and raise young

They eat seeds, acorns and berries, plants, insects and shellfish.

The female has a variety of calls including the familiar ‘quack’ which is often repeated many times. The male makes a quieter, low, ‘crrib’.

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