On the front wall of the Tudor Barn is fixed a stone plaque which has eroded over the years. There are two inconsistent features on the plaque which are of interest. The date given is 1568. However, this is not the date of construction. From the architecture of the Barn, the style is more appropriate to the first part of the 16th century and this is consistent with it having been the work of William Roper, whose initials figure on the corners east wall.

It is clear that the tablet has been inserted into the brickwork at a later date, so it can be speculated that possibly the crest had been on some older building and placed on the Barn when that building was demolished.

The other puzzle is the fact that the crest featured on the plaque is that of the Tattershall family. By 1568, the property had been in the hands of the Roper family for more than 70 years.

The coat of arms depicts three tigers, viewing themselves in mirrors, between a chevron. This is a reference to the old legend of tiger catching in which mirrors were said to have been used by tiger hunters to frighten their prey.

'Tigershall' might be a pun on the name 'Tattershall', an example of 'punning heraldry'
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