Woodland in winter

Date: 31st December 2006

Periwinkle (vinca major)

The periwinkle can be a nuisance in gardens, its long tendrils rooting and spreading out of control. In the woodland, it has plenty of scope to occupy space under the trees and delight with its bright blue flowers.

White dead nettle (Lamium album)

A member of the lamium family, therefore not a close relation of the stinging nettle, the white dead nettle has no sting; it also has a spreading habit and is a perennial of hedgerows and banks.

Cyclamen (cyclamen hederifolium)

The cyclamen has become a common sight in garden centres and florists across the country in a variety colours from pinks to reds, purples and whites. The books say it is rarely naturalised, so the specimens in the woodland glen have undoubtedly been introduced by gardeners through the years.

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