Coun R.A.M. Walters, Mayor of Woolwich
Coun R.A.M.Walters was Mayor of Woolwich when the Pleasaunce was opened on 25 May 1933. He lived close to the Pleasaunce in Greenvale Road.

John Arnold
John Arnold, watchmaker to George III, lived at Well Hall House (between the Moat and Well Hall Road) from 1779 until his death, at 63, in 1799. He made what was then the smallest repeating (striking) watch, which was set in a ring and given to the king.

Edith Nesbit
Children's author, Edith Nesbit 1858 - 1924 and author of 'The Railway Children', lived at the 1750s house situated between the Moat and Well Hall Road.She liveds there from 1899 to 1922, married to the Fabian Hubert Bland

William Barefoot, Founder of the Pleasaunce

William Barefoot was a leading Labour councillor in the first half of the 20th century and was a friend of E Nesbit. He was instrumental in planning the creation of the Pleasaunce and the conversion of the Tudor Barn to community use.
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