Breathing Spaces

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The deep layer of leaf mould is being placed around all the newlyplanted trees. This is to make sure the new trees are not crowded out by weeds which might deprive them of water and light. The mulch will have to be renewed each year until the trees become established.
Woodland Walk

A 60 metre path has been created through the woodland between the green and the motorway. This is made from London Plane bark chippings and meanders through the trees. From the walk, you can observe the inside of a woodland at work. Trees are being planted on each side to thicken up the cover.

More than 6,000 bulbs have been planted by the Friends, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and pupils from the Gordon, Henwick and Eltham Hill Schools. The bulbs are a mixture of snowdrops, daffodils, fritilleria, bluebells and cyclamen. They fringe the green in front of the trees and hedge
A five metre band of wildflowers the length of the green is being planted; seeds will be spread in the spring. There are 20 different types of wildflower being planted including yarrow, different types of daisy, knapweed and wild basil. Yhey are being planted at five per square metre and will be supplemented by wildflower seed in the spring.
Bird boxes

A batch of bird boxes have been assembled and painted by young people from the Outside In youth project in Well Hall Road. These will be placed around the Pleasaunce in time for nesting season in the spring
Tree planting
More than 1,500 native English trees are being planting on the south west fringe of the green. These will be joined by Scots Pines to protect the park from the visual intrusion of the motorway.

The whips are a combination of beech, birch, pine, poplar, willow, hazel, hawthorn, cherry, oak and field maple. The hawthorns are being planted closest to the existing line of trees as they can withstand the most shade.

Over time, the trees will be thinned out.

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