Chanterelles were found in the late autumn growing off the stump of an old conifer between the Italian pond and the boundary fence. Chanterelles are one of the most important groups of edible mushrooms.

Destroying Angel

Horse Mushroom
A horse mushroom measuring about 6 inches across their caps, emerged in the shrubbery around the Tudor Barn green.

Iodine Bonnet
Often living on buried bark, the iodine bonnet, named after its smell, is dark-grey brown conical/bell shaped. It grows on the bark of old pine or spruce trees.

These very thin and wispish mushrooms can be found in the putting green area in the autumn.


Shaggy Ink cap

Sulphur tuft
Appearing in mid-autumn until the first frosts, this poisonous mushroom can be found in the woodland glen, growing off the stump of an old conifer
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