Committee Meeting 30.04

Date: 14th May 2007

Draft minutes 30 April 2007

Attendees: Sue King (chair). John Webb (secretary), Laurie Baker (treasurer), Diane Broughton, Jason Green, Paula Evenett, Paul Higgs, John Kennett, Marion Kennett, Bernadette Vizena, and Mark Wall.

1. Sue welcomed the committee to its April meeting.

2. Apologies were received from Jane Webb

3. The minutes of the meeting of 27 February were approved.

Matters arising:

- sundial proposal: contact had been made with Christopher Daniel, chairman of the British Sundial Society and former resident of Plumstead. He would meet with committee members at the Pleasaunce on 8 May at 11am to advise about what might be possible. It was noted that John Arnold was a freeman of the Clockmakers Company; it was agreed they should be approached for their input and possible financial support.

- gate openings. Although there had been improvements, there were also inconsistencies in the opening of the outside gates in the mornings. All three should be opened fully each morning, including weekends.

- working party mornings. A second successful day had been held and clearance of unsightly weed in the fountain, long pond and wildlife pond had been done. The boat hadn’t been used because of the need to learn the carrying and launch techniques of this heavy piece of kit. It was agreed the third day should be on Saturday 2 June to avoid clashing with the May Fayre. Efforts should be made to publicise the group on the mornings, to engage more volunteers.

- the wildlife pond was not working as a haven for wildlife and was attracting too much weed. Advice from the RHS suggested that greater cover was needed to protect wildlife from predators and ensure clearer water. A list of plant species had been suggested by the RHS and these would be discussed with P&OS. There was also a need for shading on the south side of the Moat; which is unprotected from the sun and attracting the worst of the blanket weed.

- road noise update. The Friends submission has been sent to TfL seeking a noise barrier, a 40 mph speed limit and a quieter road surface. It was hoped that Coun O’Mara would endorse this.

- emergency access arrangements; this issue had not been resolved. It would be raised at the management committee on Friday.

- picnic benches were on order and would be positioned in the woodland area soon. Use would be monitored to see whether they should be supplemented.

4. Finance

Laurie reported the Friends had received the £250 ‘start-up’ funds and the balances now stood at £407. The only outgoing had been £37.20 on a Friends banner.

5. Grant applications

- BBC Breathing Places. There were encouraging signs that the award would be made. We would need to discuss its implementation with P&OS, also involve local voluntary groups and schools, involving all ages. It was suggested a badge might be issued to those who were involved.
- Co-op Community Fund. A grant of £2,000 had been made for communications. The first output would be a ‘trail’ leaflet. Others would follow for younger people on various subjects and an orienteering trail with clues. It was agreed the leaflet should be a priced publication to prevent its casual disappearance but at only 50p in order not to deter all possible interest.
- Barefoot Memorial. We should hear this week whether a £1,000 grant had been awarded from the Greenwich Pride scheme. Discussions were on-going with contractors about the work required to refurbish the plaque.

6. Events

- Easter Egg challenge. This had been a success with many families taking part. It was hoped the Friends might add some egg-related activities next year.

- Garden Day. There would be guided walks at 12 and 2pm. A panel for the Gardeners Question Time session would be supplied by the Avery Hill Garden Society. The event was being widely advertised in SEnine and Meridian Magazine. It was hoped the plant sale would prove popular.

- May Fayre. The aim would be to man a stall all day to attract members and sell the new trail.

- Art Day. It was hoped an art day could be arranged this summer run by an ‘art group’ could be formed to work with local schools and classes.

- AGM. A date of Tuesday September 11 had been pencilled in for the AGM. The evening would include a talk by Marion and John Kennett on the E Nesbit Society. Depending on the change of tenant, it was hoped to use the Tudor Barn.

7. Future Use of the Tudor Barn

JW reported that there had been an agreement for proper cleaning of the outside of the pub on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays and this was working well. The need for this to be supplemented by cleaning during the day was being assessed. There was concern about the possibility of the lease being sold and how this would affect operations.

8. Toddlers in the bowls pavilion. There was excitement among toddler groups and the NCT about the possibilities. The necessary formalities needed to be tied up.

Concern was voiced about ball games in the Pleasaunce. It was felt that the old putting green area could be designed as suitable for soft ball games by young children with all ball games continued to be banned elsewhere in the park (including the area in front of the Tudor Barn). It was suggested that this point is taken to the Management Committee for discussion on revising the policy of a total ban.

9. Signage. There was a need for signs showing the various natural features of the Pleasaunce. These could be based partly on Jason’s observations of the bird species.

10. AOB

- recycling bins. These should be explored for the disposal of tins and bottles.
- bus drivers. To be approached to join the committee as a User group as they were known to use the park’s facilities in their breaks.

11. Date of next meeting – open meeting on Monday, 25 June at 7.30pm, same location.

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