Committee meeting June 25

Date: 2nd December 2007



In attendance: Sue King (chairman), John Webb, (secretary), Laurie Baker (treasurer), Jason Green, Viv Stevens, Diane Broughton, Marion Kennett, John Kennett, Jane Webb

1. Apologies. Bernadette Vizena

2. Minutes/Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere);

The trail leaflet was now available and had already sold 120 copies and the councilís tree trail was available on the website.

3. Management meeting May 4.

Sue reported that the management committee had felt there might be difficulties allowing ball games on the old putting green area; representations had been made about more consistent gate openings, particularly at weekends (the Kidbrooke Lane entrance isnít always unlocked in the mornings) and there were difficulties about recycling bins. The picnic benches for the woodland area were on their way (now in place)

4. Sundial meeting.

The committee noted the advice from Chris Daniels, chairman of the British Sundial Society, about the proposal for a commemorative sundial for clockmaker John Arnold. The best option appeared to be a dial in the flags of Moat Island on which individuals would be the Ďgnomoní. A total cost of £5-10,000 was likely. It was suggested that the councilís tourism budget might be a source of funding (Iíve since spoken to John Fahy and sent some information on the proposal). The Horological Society might also be approached.

Mr Daniels had also advised that a reasonably cheap dial could be bought and placed on the Barefoot plinth, suitably secured. There was a blockage in the Greenwich Pride application to pay for the re-lettering. However, there had been an approach from the Barefoot family with an offer to contribute which might help to pay for a new sundial on the plinth.

5. Grants update:

a) Breathing Places. The Friends have been successful in their application for £8,600 for creating a woodland walk and planting a wildflower area A meeting is to be held with Steve Roedel, Parks and Open Spaces, to discuss at 7.30pm on Monday July 2. Sue, John, Laurie, Diane and Jason would attend.
b) The Co-op Community Fund required a report after six months on how the money was being spent.

6. Finance report. Laurie reported that the bank account now stood at £2,053, the main outgoing being the cost of printing the leaflet. (£440). Consideration was being given to opening a higher interest account in addition to the current account.

7. Events Update

a) Garden Day. The event was enjoyable being reasonably well supported and having a well-informed guide in Lee Beasley. There is clear potential to expand it next year, particularly in the plant sale.
b) May Fayre. Although severely curtailed by poor weather, an attempt was made to set out a stall which attracted several visitors. Trail leaflets were handed out and some new members recruited. Some useful lessons were learned on siting and possible need for childrenís activities.
c) Art Day. There had been insufficient time to organise an art day this year, however, useful contacts had been made with local art groups and also the Greenwich Community College who were looking for exhibition space; a meeting was to be held with them to discuss possibilities.
d) Work Days. The three to date have been very successful. The latest saw excellent work from Diane and Paul in de-seed heading the cow parsley in order to prevent its dominance in the woodland glen. The next day is proposed for Saturday 30 June, 10-12noon.
e) It was agreed there be a Friends presence at the music event on Sunday July 15; also there needed to be a rota for manning a stall at the Autumn Fair on Sunday, August 26.

8. Other Progress Reports

Road screen. The Friendsí submission to TfL was lodged in early April to be in time to form part of their review of the workings of the road. The Environment Committee chairman, Coun Maureen OíMara has promised to suggest to her colleagues that Greenwich Council should officially write to TfL to support the Friends initiative.

9. The AGM will be held on Tuesday September 11, including Constitutional issues, election of Officers, Committee Members. A range of invitees was proposed. There would be a talk on E Nesbit which might be entitled ĎE Nesbit, the Railway Children and Well Hallí. There was a need to publicise the event to ensure a reasonable attendance.

10. Future Open Meetings. It is agreed that open meetings could take the format of a short business section, followed by a related interest/amusement section/or specific item for discussion. For example we could invite Greenwich Ranger John Beckham to give his excellent picture show.

11. The next committee meeting will be on Monday October 29

12. AOB


Thirteen pictures for the Pleasaunce 2008 calendar were chosen to be printed before the end of July in order to qualify for the full 20 per cent discount at the printers.

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